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Boogle's Favorite Eyeball by Penanggalan Boogle's Favorite Eyeball by Penanggalan
I snatched Eyeball up on the 4th of July at a gas station. Her and her sister were crying as loud as they could and running around all over the parking lot, terrified. The instant we picked them up, they melted in our arms and started purring. Someone owned these wonderful kittens at one point and decided to abandon them pretty much as soon as they were weaned, likely very soon before we got there. They were flea-covered, skinny and hungry. They've been wormed and fed the best kitten food I could find, and are really good about using their litterbox. They'll be going to get microchipped soon, though they won't be outdoor kitties, it never hurts.

Eyeball has become my cat, for sure. She's the first cat I've ever really owned and been responsible for. She follows me around everywhere; our morning ritual is already in place. She goes with me to the bathroom, follows me to the kitchen, tries to climb my stripy socks, then naps on me the rest of the day, waking up only to lick me and play. She's SO mushy and sweet. I drew her here to be an adult because I'm going to have her the rest of her life. <3

I've been trying to draw Boogle a bit more traditional clown-y, but I still don't know how well I like the nose and mouth paint. It always looks off to me, somehow.
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bloodking30 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
booo dogs ahhh cats
MarkMarvinson Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
What a wonderful story :').
Morgue-Macabre Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Eyeball looks a bit like my brothers cat Kakashi.

You pretty much get used to the cats following you around the house, eventually if you start over sleeping they'll wake you up. My brothers cat has a habbit of smacking you in the face if you don't wake up in time for breakfast. XD
bear48 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Professional
sweet job
yukidogzombie Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011   Traditional Artist
InkyBrain Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011  Professional General Artist
Beautiful story, beautiful picture. :)
Chevaliar Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011
Never soon as I think I've got a personal favorite you've come with yet ANOTHER that I like even, this would be it....:D Love that you and Eyeball have that morning routine going. We've got ours, and Boy Kitty wake up later than everyone else and we drag each other out of bed...Baby is UNDER the bed and she comes out yawning and stretching. If I slept the entire day long; they'd be right in there with me...:D Those babies were SO very lucky it was you two that found them. Lord knows what they'd already been through..or what might have become of them had you not taken them in....:)
darkdonny Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011
This is ten kinds of adorable.
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July 22, 2011
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