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Just thought everyone would like to know 33 slots have been taken, and 10 entries have already been completed & submitted to me! I've added a third place as well since there are so many entries and they're all so good!! <3
Slimeball Rarity System by Penanggalan
Slimeball Rarity System
Here are the basics for how to use the rarity system! Hopefully I've made it easier to understand. If you like playing with stats/numbers, maybe it will even be fun for some of you! It's fun for me, now that I've basically memorized it lol. However, if you'd really REALLY rather just have fun designing Slimeballs and not have to read all this jibberish, feel free to message me with a sketch/description and I'll let you know the rarity, and if it's not a rarity that's open, we can work together on it!

Also remember that the more common Slimeballs there are, the more likely rare ones will pop up, so whip out as many common Slimeballs as you can, so that more opportunities pop up to create rare ones! :)

Anyway, hopefully this will help you figure out your own Slimeballs for the Halloween Contest! Please do not make a Slimeball without making sure it falls under the proper rarity, which is at the bottom of this description. There is a separate list for the Halloween contest, but the one below is for anyone making any kind of Slimeball outside the contest. Please show any progress of your Slimeball for my approval so I can ensure it falls under the proper rarity!

Male - 1/1 (slots filled at this time)
Rarity 8 - 2/2 
(slots filled at this time)
Rarity 7 - 3/3 (slots filled at this time)
Rarity 6 - 3/4 ___

Rarity 5 - 3/5 ___, ___
Rarity 4 - 2/10  ___, ___, ___ (etc)
Rarity 3 - 0/20 ___, ___, ___, (etc)
Rarity 2 - 0/30 ___, ___, ___, (etc)
Rarity 1 - 0/50 
___, ___, ___, (etc)


United States
⊙⊙⊙ ~The Three-Ring Tableau ⊙f the Tawdry Tea-Tasting Triple-eyed Terr⊙r~ ⊙⊙⊙

Please :iconcommentplz:!

Older clowny art:…

I'm a freelance artist living by the ocean in FL. I'm engaged, living with my fiance in our own home filled with nerdy collections and a plethora of awesome pets I wouldn't be able to have if not for my awesome commissioners. I've been living off my art since '99. <3

:eye: Things I love: Art, monsters/kaiju, cartoons, insects, bug-hunting, science, Yokai/mythology, eyeballs, tea, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, sewing, baking, Halloween, the woods, slime, kitschy 50's decor, The Trash Pack, Goosebumps books, reptiles, cats, amphibians, clowns, my Squish, 80's music, old Nickelodeon, The Gromble <3, contortion, Indian food, thigh-high socks, the female form, sleep-overs, circus music, lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, bright colors, imaginary friends, monster piles, building stuffed animal walls, etc! I'm a lover of things most people consider creepy, tacky, gross or "weird".

:eye: Things I don't love so much: Most all current tv shows, American cheese, copycats, furry terms, laziness, artists being treated like celebrities, poor spelling/punctuation, senseless animal killing/hate, fast food, snow, feeling left out, being lied to, being blackmailed by shitheads, waking up from an awesome dream.

The most special people to me

~ Commission Status, Terms & Prices ~

:eye: Other realms I slither around: :eye:
Nabyn Tumblr Twitter InsectGeeks YouTube Facebook

Just thought everyone would like to know 33 slots have been taken, and 10 entries have already been completed & submitted to me! I've added a third place as well since there are so many entries and they're all so good!! <3


Ink & color busts
Boogle and Abigail Portraits by Penanggalan
Shinobu by Penanggalan
Midge by Penanggalan
Music by Penanggalan
Clowny Couple by Penanggalan
Peipe by Penanggalan
Simple ink & color. Somewhat loose style. $15 each or 1500 points for bust, $20 each or 2000 points for thighs-up, $30 or 3,000 points for full-body.

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